Tracey Buettner - Omaha Integrative Care
Tracey Buettner

Reiki Master

Tracey has worked in the hospital and healthcare setting for over 20 years. She graduated from UNMC with a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. In her own personal search for alternative ways to relieve stress and prevent disease she began to receive holistic treatments and there she learned about Reiki Healing and Energy Healing.

Tracey is also a Hospice volunteer and couldn’t help but notice that a simple touch or laying of her hands on her patients would bring them comfort and relaxation and at times reduced their pain. Through her work she was seeing first-hand how Reiki Therapy could benefit her patients.

Tracey has recently completed her Level III Master Reiki Certification and is excited to share this calm and balancing practice to help others in their integrative approach to wellness.

Location: OIC Lakeside (17021 Lakeside Hills Plz. Omaha NE 68130)