Louise Jacobs - Omaha Integrative Care
Louise Jacobs


Louise obtained her MSW from University of Nebraska at Omaha in 1996. She has been a long-time believer in alternative and integrative health approaches and loves being a social worker. Having lived in a rural area for many years she worked in a variety of settings and has gained experience assisting people of all ages through both common and not-so-common challenges. Louise is well versed in the treatment of trauma for both children and adults. She is Level I EMDR trained and because she was blessed by compassionate, informed support during the healing process in her own life and family she knows how meaningful this can be. She appreciates the unique intuition of each person and values self-determination.  A strong proponent of experiential therapies, her undergraduate degree is in Child Development. We were all children once so her knowledge in this area has served her well with clients of all ages. Louise graduated high school on an American military base in Germany and recently worked for several years as a Military Family Life Consultant in support of military families throughout the deployment and reunification cycle. She has a keen understanding of Traumatic Brain Injury and its broad implications. Her experience with families of divorce led her to seek training in “Discernment Counseling”, a 6-8 week protocol designed to help both partners in a relationship determine course of the relationship when divorce is under consideration.

Location: OIC Main (1812 N 169th Plaza Omaha, NE 68118)