Lauren Sustaita

RYT 200

Lauren Rae Sustaita is a certified RYT-200 yogi practitioner forever yoga student from Austin, Texas.

Her mother would take her to a local coffee shop that sold cigars on Sunday mornings as a young child. A lovely older woman with long wispy white hair, beads, a guitar, and yoga mats was ready for the children. The smell of the cigars, coffee, Sunday rain charged Lauren‘s tiny body. She wanted to show off her flexibility and looked forward to the lion’s breath- simhasana.

Being a yoga teacher for Lauren is to continue practicing non-attachment, reducing the ego, and seeking liberation from the veil that covers our minds with racing thoughts. She prefers to teach with mindful words, slowly. Focus on alignment of the body and understands our bodies are unique. So never expect to come to her class in a racing, competitive manner to be the same as your neighbor.

She believes that pranayama is the vital force and key of life and death. Your breathing comes before the postures.

Lauren also encourages loose-fitted, comfortable fitness clothing to allow blood circulation of the body, access to breathe, and to avoid injuries.

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