Fatima Alliyani

Fatima (she, her, hers) is a graduate student/intern at the University of Nebraska, Omaha and is currently working towards her Masters of Social Work degree. Her education also includes a B.A in Global Studies. Her goal is to continue her educational experience and complete her licensure to become a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW). She is fluent in Spanish and has experience working in local non-profits as an AmeriCorps member, home visitor/family case worker, and a community connector. She has experience working with refugee/immigrant adults and families, early childhood and adolescents, individuals, and connecting families to local resources in the community. She completed her first student internship at the Children’s Hospital working in an outpatient clinic and ER, serving families of low-income backgrounds and those of high need. Through her experiences, she has learned that it is important to be open to learning and understand other’s experiences/stories in order to provide adequate support, assistance, and empathy.


Working with culture and identity is something that has always interested her and she hopes to dive more into that in her practice. Fatima is interested in working in becoming proficient in trauma-informed care, CBT, EMDR, brain-spotting, techniques for stress reduction and mindfulness, and incorporating art and creativity as a form of healing, growth, and empowerment. She is interested in working with children, adolescents, adults, and families. She welcomes clients from all cultural backgrounds and those who identify as LGBTQIA+.

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