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At Omaha Integrative Care our licensed mental health therapists practice traditional counseling as well as integrative mental health counseling or integrative psychotherapy.  Integrative counseling or integrative psychotherapy means using evidenced-based practices in addition to complementary therapy models to fit the individual needs of clients. Our Omaha therapists are providers for most insurance companies and all counseling services are eligible to be covered by insurance plans.

People come to therapy or counseling for a variety of reasons such as depression, anxiety, grief and other life stressors.  Our integrative therapists provide individual, couples/family and group therapy for those looking to improve mood, create healthier relationships and travel through life with more ease.

Through one-on-one sessions with our experienced therapists, you’ll gain an understanding and awareness of how you interact with the world. By learning vital coping skills to help you remain present and whole, you’ll be better equipped to support and nurture your emotional health through life’s stressors, including depression, anxiety, illness and loss. It is also an opportunity to explore old or unhealthy patterns, as well as go deeper into a new phase of personal growth.

Whether you are coming to talk with a therapist about depression or anxiety or just wanting to work through something, we take a holistic view.  This means we may explore evidence-based ways to help lessen symptoms of depression/anxiety, such as nutrition/lifestyle changes, exercise and/or learning stress reducing techniques.  Ultimately, each therapy experience is unique to each individual and guided by you as the client.

Athletic Counseling

The provider assists the individual in developing his/ her athletic skills all the while exploring the individual’s feelings and attitudes. The modalities that may be used within a session could include a specific workout program, barrier assessments, goal setting, self-talk & motivation, anxiety management, emotional regulation and guided imagery. The session is catered specifically to the client. Athlete or not, these sessions can help anyone get started on a healthy physical activity regime.

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Couples Counseling

Creating a setting where you and your partner feel safe to work through your issues is the number-one priority in Couples’ Counseling. Under the guidance of your therapist, you will explore your relationship through honest and open discussion. Through active listening and open communication, you’ll find a greater strength and intimacy in your relationship.

Infertility Counseling

By working with a therapist who is specifically trained in helping couples cope with infertility, you will find the support you need to work through the anxiety, depression, identity issues and relationship problems that so often accompany this challenging life circumstance. By learning vital coping skills to help you remain present and whole, you’ll be better equipped to support and nurture your emotional health throughout your fertility journey. Open to individuals and couples.

Cancer Counseling

Working with a counselor who is knowledgeable about cancer is helpful in a variety of ways to those who are dealing with a diagnosis or in the treatment and recovery phases. Whether it’s you or a loved one who has cancer, counseling can help address the emotional aspects of the disease. Our oncology counselors are trained to help you process the “new normal” by addressing role changes, identifying fears and anxieties, and teaching effective coping techniques. Counseling is also helpful for family members coping with a cancer diagnosis so that everyone has a place to talk about the feelings and emotions that go along with cancer. Our counselors can also help you communicate with your treatment providers and help create a plan to navigate your diagnosis and treatment.

Grief Counseling

The process of coping with the loss of a loved one, job, relationship or pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster of denial, anger, sadness and “eventually” acceptance. A trained Grief Therapist will help you navigate your intense feelings in your own time and offer guidance for healing in your own way.  By learning vital coping skills to help you remain present and whole, you’ll be better equipped to support and nurture your emotional health throughout your grieving process.

Process Groups/Group Therapy

Similar to individual therapy, Group Therapy provides a powerful setting for growth and change. Under the guidance of your trained therapist, you will have an opportunity to share your story and listen to other people’s experiences in order to gain a better understanding of your own situation. Check our group page to see current group happening.

Psychosocial Consultations for Third-Party Reproduction

For some couples who dream of being parents, using third-party reproductive technologies increases their chances of conceiving. The decision to use donor gametes remains a profound step in building a family. Due to the complexity of the emotional and psychological needs of donor and recipient, it is recommended that you meet with an infertility counselor to understand the present and future implications for all involved. Quick note: Psychosocial Consultations for Third-Party Reproduction sessions are not covered by insurance.

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