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Your First Visit

It can feel overwhelming to take the first step in making a change in how you have been doing things – emotionally or physically. Whether you are considering meeting with a medical practitioner, a mental health therapist or a health coach; we will support you. If you are unsure of who you should schedule with first, consider talking with one of our Integrative Coordinators about our services and practitioners.

When you first come to Omaha Integrative Care you can expect:

  • To be greeted by our friendly, professional staff
  • Meet with your practitioner who will spend about an hour with you, reviewing your health history, as well as lifestyle, nutrition, and stress
  • Develop an integrative plan for your health goals
  • Schedule follow-up visits with any practitioners who will be supporting you on your path to wellness.

How to Prepare for Your First Visit

In order to make your first visit a richer and more effective experience, the following steps in preparation should be taken:

  • Once you make an appointment, you will be asked to complete information on our Patient Portal. This information is very helpful for our practitioners. They review this prior to your appointment and do any necessary preparation
  • Complete the required paperwork available on the Patient Portal
  • Collect and bring any medical records relevant to the care you have received, including any recent test results that might be important in better understanding your health conditions

If you are unable to complete the information online via the Patient Portal, please plan on arriving 20 minutes prior to your appointment time.

Becoming a Partner in Your Health

Because of our unique approach and personalized treatment we ask that you take the time to learn how you can be a partner in your health while receiving services at OIC.

You are the expert on you. While we are proud to have many experienced and gifted practitioners, you know yourself better than anyone. When developing a course of action or treatment plan it is important that you are honest with your practitioner about what you feel ready to commit to. We want to know if you have a “gut” feeling about something – it’s often the most important piece of data we get!

Empower yourself. Healthcare in the United States is changing quickly. While we are looking forward to some promising changes and always trying to keep track of new information we may not know your particular health insurance information. Be sure to investigate what your insurance covers, what the costs to you will be and other important information (see FAQs About Insurance Coverage). Ask the questions and if you feel strongly about something let someone know!

Keep financial stress to a minimum. We understand that carrying a balance can be stressful, which is counter-intuitive to the work you and your practitioner(s) are doing at OIC. Financial health is just as important as other areas of health. We ask that you make payments at the time of service. If this is difficult, talk with your practitioner about creating a plan that works for you.

Mindfulness. Mindfulness is not only an effective practice for physical and emotional conditions; it is the way we practice at OIC. This means that we are present in the moment for each person we interact with. Sometimes, this may mean we run late if there is a crisis or situation that needs extra attention. We ask for you to be patient – someday it may be you who needs an extra few minutes!

Enjoy the sanctuary. We strive to create a peaceful and healing environment at OIC. We welcome you to come early or stay a little extra for some respite from the rest of the world. You are welcome to use the meditation/tea room. We offer books and CDs to use while at OIC enjoying some tea. Please help us in maintaining a quiet and healing environment.

Commit to yourself. The best way to be a partner in your health at OIC is to commit to yourself that you will take good care of you! Many of the integrative therapies are not passive, but require you to practice and work. We know this can be hard and will be there for you. Take a class, get a massage, stick to your diet and everything else you deserve to do for you. When it gets tough – let us know!

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