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Mental health training and support for groups & organizations

Just as we treat the whole person — mind, body, and spirit — we use a holistic approach in working with systems. Organizations are living, breathing systems influenced not only by the individuals within them but by each individual’s unique lived experiences. Just as each patient requires an individualized treatment plan, we believe every organization or team requires a customized approach to co-create interventions that will most meet its collective needs. All modalities are centered on experiential learning, relationship building, and empowerment. Co-created interventions will include a combination of the services listed below.

Collective Care Coaching Services:

Assessment & Development of Co-Created Plan

Senior providers at Omaha Integrative Care work with leadership and identified team members to develop a plan based on the group’s specific needs.  

Leadership/Management Coaching

Leadership and management responsibilities – including decision-making and supervision of staff – come with additional weight. These roles are also more isolating. Outside coaching and support increase a leader’s resilience and ability to hold the collective during stressful times without depleting themselves in the process.  

Care Coaching

Our trauma-informed coaching model uses an integrative healthcare approach that places importance on developing a relationship with individuals; recognizing the unique life circumstances of individuals, including their experiences of oppression, power, and privilege, and their own intersection of identities; and cultivating strategies to accomplish the self-determined wellness goals of individuals. Care coaching involves an initial assessment and a dedicated staff or team at Omaha Integrative Care and is available for individuals or small groups.

1:1 Coaching

This coaching is available to anyone on the team by request. Participants are matched with a provider based on their needs and unique circumstances. Coaching is not therapy and is intended to support the individual in identifying how to mitigate stress and burnout through identifying tools and resources that the individual can realistically put into action. Receiving coaching from an external source provides a level of safety for participants. 

Experiential Group Learning

We learn best by doing. While we use some didactic teaching, every experience includes practicing skills and interacting with each other. We draw from a wide range of research and practices including trauma-informed approaches, mindfulness, and integrative healthcare practices.

Mindfulness Group

Mindfulness groups are customized group experiences and may include physical or somatic practices as well as contemplative practices. Staff integrate skills and experiences from the fields of occupational therapy, yoga, bodywork, and mindfulness practices.  

Massage, Bodywork, and Yoga

Our massage and bodywork services are guided by the whole-health principles practiced by our entire team and can be a therapeutic intervention in order to help navigate physical and emotional stress. Bodyworkers offer specialty massage including deep tissue, hot stone, shiatsu, and prenatal. Derived from ancient forms of healing, Reiki and sound bath energy healing are also available to help balance of the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga classes are suited to the needs of each individual group. 

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