Some spiritual wisdom to help you kick off 2020! Get ready…

February 16, 2020 | John Turnquist

EVERYTHING about you is an expression of energy: your thoughts, beliefs, self-images, feelings, emotions, actions, physical body, physiological sensations, etc. We ALL come from the SAME SOURCE of energy, although this ONE ENERGY is utilized and expressed differently by each of us (and, of course, in countless similar ways — like being human!). This energy/power and consciousness that is the basis of ALL life and creation is called by many different names, but we tend to know it as God. We are as much a part of God, as God is a part of us (think the yin yang). God isn’t a cosmic parent-figure in the sky whose approval and mercy and validation we fearfully cling to for eternity because we are intrinsically flawed and unworthy, although it could be that if you wanted it to. You get to choose how you define God and your relationship to IT, although ITS true essence TRANSCENDS all thought-based definitions and relationships. This is a mysterious paradox that reason can’t penetrate.

EVERYTHING about you–and EVERYTHING ELSE in the universe–emanates from and expresses itself as mind/energy, from the One Source of All. Through deep meditation and self-study, you will realize that your mind, on conscious and unconscious levels, automatically manipulates and shapes “your portion” of this universal energyw and that there is another part of you, neutral awareness (the Inner Witness), that observes and mirrors the quality and expression of your energy, but with distance and detachment. This objective awareness, which is just itself without identity or form, gives you the capacity to know your energy expressions intellectually and intuitively so you can know yourself on a deeper level as a being of unlimited creative potential. Through greater awareness and through overcoming fear/suffering, you will realize that you can grab the reins of your energy and exert more control over how you experience and express it. Because you are the very energy you express as well as react to.

This ONE ENERGY has LOVE inherently embedded in it. You need to tune into this “love channel” to experience your true essence. We are made out of LOVE and get to express it through our energy output. Don’t stop until you access love, but you will eventually realize it was there ALL ALONG!

This post is inspired by LOVE.

You control your destiny. Because destiny is a manifestation of energy. And you have control over energy.

Your true Self experiences energy in all forms, but it can never be destroyed or tarnished by whatever energy it experiences. Because WHO YOU REALLY ARE is indestructible, inviolable, and can never be tarnished (only in belief does this happen).

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