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Integrative Nutrition

Meeting with a Registered Dietitian nutritionist who can also serve as your coach and guide can be helpful for many situations including weight control, women’s health issues, fertility nutrition guidance, pregnancy nutrition and management of health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes/pre-diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, eating disorders and polycystic ovary syndrome.  As your RD and coach, Jill will support your goals in the area of eating healthy, eating for weight loss, or eating to support a specific medical or emotional condition.

As a Registered Dietitian with backgrounds in exercise and overall wellness, Jill can provide you with the education and structure, accountability, and/or support you need to carry out a healthy eating plan. Interested in learning about how healthy eating can be even more effective in treating the whole body? Jill can speak to the benefits and guide you into adding a yoga practice or attending a group session.

Begin with an initial consultation, where Jill will help you set goals and determine which nutrition path is right for you. You will receive individualized, collaborative attention, unique to your needs. This may include detailed education, meal planning, and strategies for a healthy balanced diet, or may be more general nutrition guidance or supplements education. Nutrition is a healing tool that the integrative practitioners at OIC will incorporate into your overall treatment plan. Visit with your OIC practitioner for more information about adding nutrition coaching to your health regimen.


Initial session: $125

Follow-up: $50

20 minute initial phone consult: $20

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about these services please call our office at 402-934-1617.