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Mindfulness & Meditation

Omaha Integrative Care: Mindful living through meditation

Mind – body practices center on the interaction between our thoughts, our bodies and the outside world. Being mindful of these interactions allows us to use the mind to influence physical function and promote overall health and well-being. Mindfulness and meditation are techniques and practices that support your wellness goals.


Opportunity for Practice

There are multiple opportunities at Omaha Integrative Care to strengthen and grow your meditation practice. Whether you are just starting out and laying the first stone in your path, needing to “pull some weeds” and strengthen a path that once was, or just to keep up on the journey, we have classes to accommodate where you are.

  • Intro to Meditation: Let Omaha Integrative Care help you jump into your awareness, shift your thinking and bring you into your simplest most connected form. Join us once a month for an intro to meditation class catered for that person who seeks connection, and is ready for guidance to shift their awareness outside.
    • Email s.jelden@omahaic.com for next class times.
  • Mindfulness Meditation: Every Tuesday at 5:15 PM at Main we offer a mindfulness mediation group. In this class you will discuss different meditation techniques as well as a practice and a quiet sit. Discussion is encouraged to create a “sangha” or community feeling within the class.
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course: The purpose of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is to learn, explore, experience, and practice mindfulness practices in a group setting and at home. These practices are designed to increase our present moment awareness and use this new kind of awareness to approach the stress in our lives differently.
    • Email s.jelden@omahaic.com for next class times.
  • Mind Body Medicine for Stress Reduction: Stress can lead to anxiety, depression, a weakened immune system and increased physical symptoms or illness. The 8 weeks are designed to reduce stress and build resilience through a variety of mind/body practices, enhancing your ability to heal and grow.
    • Email s.jelden@omahaic.com for next class times.




We are influenced by both the wisdom traditions and science at Omaha Integrative Care. To that end, we provide a safe and healing space that makes meditation enjoyable and fulfilling.  People practice meditation for many reasons – to support physical and/or emotional health, as a spiritual practice, to enhance creativity and productivity or as a way to simply “re-set” in our busy world.  Some benefits of practicing meditation are:

  • Improved health and immune functioning
  • Emotional resiliency
  • Improved concentration, creativity and productivity
  • Relaxation or stress reduction in our busy world


Membership: $30/ month (6 or 12 month contract). Receive FREE meditation classes, 20% off massage and bodywork & product.

Making the Connection

Omaha Integrative Care offers a variety of workshops and classes in mindfulness and meditation (even for beginners) which can also be customized for groups and corporate retreats.  Your integrative care practitioners will be happy to tell you more about which of our programs can fit into your personal integrative care plan.