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How do I start?

You’ve decided that you want to become an active participant in healthy mind and body. But, where do you start?  We get this question a lot!  There are a couple of ways to think about this.

  • What speaks to you most?  One of the fundamental principles of integrative medicine is the belief of the patient and the practitioner.  If you feel drawn to a particular therapy, say yoga, that is where you start.  All of our practitioners are cross-trained and collaborate so you can really start where it feels most comfortable for you.
  • What would a practitioner say?  Sometimes it’s helpful to sit down with an integrative practitioner to talk through history and present circumstances.  Our mental health therapists provide an integrative assessment, which is an in-depth and holistic look at your unique circumstances.  Your practitioner will help you map out a plan to best meet your needs.  This may be covered by insurance.
  • Get a coach.  Sometimes working with one of our health coaches is the best place to start.  While therapy takes a deeper dive into emotional issues, a health coach is used to map out a plan and take action.
  • For physical conditions, it is best to start with an integrative health consult with one of our medical providers.

Still not sure?  Send us an email to or call us at 402-934-1617. We’re here to help you live life to the fullest.

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