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Kill Your Commute

June 23, 2017

Commuting.  View this email in your browser Whether you are driving, biking, walking or riding – it’s time you kill that commute. Commuting. Sometimes the hardest part of our day, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. Why not make that commute an OPPORTUNITY, for awareness, for breath, for compassion, and for space to self-heal? […]

Be good, do good, feel good – the 8 limbs of yoga.

May 31, 2017

YOGA NEWSLETTER YOUR CLASS IS CALLING Classes may change weekly so be sure to stay up to date with the newsletter and our website! CHECK THE SCHEDULE HERE REGISTER FOR A CLASS HERE ICE COLD TEA + LEMON Stop in and enjoy an OIC special – Arnold Palmer. Delicious Artemis iced tea + lemon essential […]

What to do with regret

May 22, 2017

What to do with regret. What to do with regrets It may seem odd to be thinking about regrets on the tail of graduations and the beginning of summer.  Many are celebrating achievements, anticipating the next stage in their journey, or simply relaxing into summer.  However, I think that is exactly why I have been […]

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