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The Herbal Dose: How to Set Up an Herbal Dispensary at Home

January 11, 2019

    How to Set Up an Herbal Dispensary at Home Have you been fantasizing about creating the perfect herbal dispensary at home? Perhaps you’ve purchased a few bottles of herbal medicine and herbal teas, and now want to holistically transform your medicine cabinets even more. As a certified herbalist who has built three herbal […]

The Herbal Dose: A Natural Health Protocol For The Cold & Flu

November 20, 2018

When you get the cold or flu, what are your first symptoms? Where do they typically show up in your body? What are your temperament and emotional and mental states? When you know your regular initial symptoms for the common cold or flu, YOU have the power to take action and prevent the infection from […]

The Herbal Dose: Holistic Fall Cleanse – Experience a Healthy, Peaceful Fall

October 25, 2018

Is the Fall a challenging season for you? Do you have compromised lungs, a weak colon, or a stagnant lymphatic system? Do you harbor unresolved feelings of sadness, grief, or trauma? Do old thoughts, ideas, and emotions prevent you from moving forward? Many ancient cultures acknowledge that each season presents a “magic window” of healing, […]

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