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I Embrace This Opportunity

October 13, 2017

Give yourself permission to embrace an opportunity to better yourself, to conquer the world. A huge part about being mindful, or finding yourself living mindfully is that you learn to embrace every moment and every opportunity. We understand that not every opportunity is our ideal one, but in the times of hardship we can power […]

Everyday Acts of Kindness

October 04, 2017

Thursday, October 5th is “Do Something Nice Day.” While this day may seem insignificant to some, it bears a very important lesson to all. Every time a person smiles at you in passing as you walk down the street it makes you feel a little lighter and when a co-worker gives you a compliment on […]

Celebrating The Harvest

October 04, 2017

Celebrating The Harvest.  View this email in your browser       Many of us in the Midwest associate autumn with the harvest season when farmers reap and gather crops and prepare for winter and the next season. We think of abundance and the upcoming cornucopia of the holidays. The ideal harvest is bountiful fruits […]

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