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I Move At The Perfect Pace

May 24, 2018

As we begin our transfer into the next season, and the hottest one, it is important to find your pace. We often spend a lot of time going over how we should move through the day and how others will move through their day. And typically this can create some anxiety or pressure to keep […]

Staying Cool In The Heat

May 11, 2018

The sun has finally awakened from its long winter slumber, and it looks like it has booked a one way ticket to our skies the rest of the spring and summer. As we transition into the summer, the temperatures rise, the tempers may heat up, and our schedules may get full. Even though it is […]

Animals, Actually

May 04, 2018

For a moment think about what brightens your day. Does a walk outside make you cheerful? Maybe it’s a conversation with a special person you don’t see very often. Or perhaps it’s the sound of your lovable dog scrabbling on the floor to greet you as you enter the door. No matter the pet, animals […]

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