Welcome to Omaha Integrative Care

At Omaha Integrative Care, we offer counseling or coaching, yoga, massage, nutritional services, acupuncture, and meditation or mind / body medicine classes.

One of the things that sets Omaha Integrative Care apart is that we're the only location in the region that has all of those services under one roof.

One of the things we hear often from our clients is that when People come in, they feel like they're coming into a Sanctuary.

We're very picky about, not only who works here, but what we offer. All of the products we offer, right now, are through Pulling Down the Moon, and their products are triple-tested and the highest quality.

We really just want to help you to enjoy life to the fullest.

What is integrative care?

Integrative care combines traditional western medicine with complementary therapies such as yoga, nutrition, acupuncture, massage and counseling. A defining component to integrative care is that the complementary treatments are research-based and not meant to take the place of traditional medicine, but to support the whole person during treatment. Most importantly, integrative care is about treating the whole person and looking at all aspects of life – physical, emotional and spiritual.

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In our online store we have gathered a selection of items that we feel are the best offer for women who are trying to become pregnant. Whether you are trying "naturally" or using medical means like Invitro Fertilization (IVF), you will find what you need in our array of yoga for fertility DVDs, fertility books and many nutritional products - all chosen to support the fertility journey.
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"When people come in, they feel like they're coming into a sanctuary"

Julie tells her story about OIC

"there needs to be something for people going through this"

Omaha Integrative Care Store

Omaha Integrative Care Store
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Introducing Mala and Mantra

Banner Mala and MantraEveryone once in awhile you come across a kindred spirit with intentions similar to your own.  As a female business owner and someone who is passionate about mindfulness as my guidepost both personally and professionally it isn’t often that I find others who also value sustainability, integrity and intention while honoring creativity and maintaining a focus on supporting women.

While on vacation this past winter I came across Mala and Mantra‘s beautifully crafted bracelets and was immediately drawn to them.  I liked the feel, the weight and the quality. I also really appreciated the simple yet thoughtful mantras corresponding with the different stones and gems used.  I was even more pleased to discover the company’s conscious vision and dedication to fair trade and supporting women globally.  Founder and creator Judith Compton brings her own journey to these beautifully designed bracelets and malas which include simple, yet powerful mantras easy to incorporate in your every day life.

We are thrilled to bring Mala and Mantra to Omaha Integrative Care and hope you enjoy having the opportunity to experience, support and share the gift of mala and mantra.



Community Acupuncture brought to you by Grapefruit & Lime


Last week’s community acupuncture featured essential oils grapefruit and lime.  Our very own Sara Comstock carefully chooses the oils used during community acupuncture.  Last week she used grapefruit which is known for helping us listen to our bodies and take responsibility for what we feel.





Lime invigorates and encourages cheer and courage in the heart, reminding us to be grateful for the gifts of life.

Be sure to come back for Community Acupncture next week to see what essential oils Sara choses then!  Want the oils?  You can purchase them at the OIC DoTerra store here.


Yoga Teachers Wanted to Join our Integrative Team

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-yoga-heart-shape-made-silhouettes-pilates-poses-image42387251Omaha Integrative Care is looking for registered yoga teachers who are passionate about providing therapeutic yoga and collaborating with other practitioners.  The ideal candidate is someone who has experience working with specialized populations, providing one on one teaching and working with other health care professionals.  Registered yoga teachers at OIC work in conjunction with mental health providers, acupuncturists, physicians and massage therapists to develop therapeutic yoga classes and services for our community. Ability to attend team meetings as well as teach evening and weekend classes is preferred.  Interested parties can send resume and letter of inquire to info@omahaic.com.


Mindful Moment: The spaces between

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-yield-to-present-image14554139Have you ever noticed that evey once in awhile there is a lull in group conversation?  Even though there may be multiple conversations going on and lots of people chattering, it suddenly gets quite.  Some people call this the 7 mintue lull.  It may even feel awkward and usually someone will chuckle and say aloud “there’s the seven minute lull.”  There’s something about these pauses in conversation, group processes and even pauses between thoughts that make us feel uncomfortable.

We don’t know what to say or do because we have become so accustomed to doing. Jon Kabat-Zinn has said that we have become more like “human doings” than human beings and we really notice this in the pauses or spaces between our daily doings.

This week, see if you can bring mindfulness to the spaces between.  Notice what you feel, smell, taste, see and hear.  Notice the thoughts, the physical sensations and the feelings when there are pauses in your day.  Natural pauses happen between breaths, before we rise in the morning or go to bed at night and even between thoughts or tasks.  Take mindful pauses between other spaces throughout the day:

  • In between meetings
  • Before getting into or out of your car
  • Before answering the phone
  • In between conversations
  • In between tasks
  • During the transition from room to room or work to home and vice versa
  • Before bites of food

With practice, each second can be new and fresh.  With practice, you may notice more about yourself and your surroundings and even gain deeper insight into problems or specific situations.


Mindful moments are short exercises to be used throughout your week to relax, integrate and center yourself.  Inspired by the wisdom traditions and science, mindful moments are meant to be accessible and simple enough for anyone to practice.  Many teachers and leaders in integrative medicine have influenced our approach to mindful moments. Jon Kabat-Zinn defines mindfulness as “paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.”  Look for the weekly mindful moment every Monday.  May it support you in finding your center to live life to the fullest.

To learn more about mindfulness meditation and how to establish a practice join us on Tuesdays at 5 PM or Fridays at 9 AM.  Formal sitting meditation follows at 5:30 PM on Tuesdays and 9:30 AM on Fridays.